What Does the Full Moon in Leo Mean?

Good work is its own reward, Virgo. After all, when your efforts are taken for granted, even a labor of love can start to feel like a chore. The more, the merrier, Libra!

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Fortunately, your friends have you to keep them connected. At this full moon, it may be time to pass the torch so you can have some fun.

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  7. Hiding in plain sight, Scorpio? Flying under the radar may help you maintain your mystique—but it can also backfire by making you invisible.

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    This full moon challenges to balance your need for privacy with your desire to stand out. Call us crazy, Sag , but we think you might be a little too open-minded. What have you got to prove, Capricorn? Actually, quite a lot! Are you forgetting someone, Aquarius? No one puts you in a corner, Pisces —except sometimes yourself.


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    You were born to be wild, Aries. In Panchang day starts and ends with sunrise. If Lunar Eclipse starts before midnight but ends after midnight i. Hence Penumbral Phase as well as Umbral Phase might start before midnight i.

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    Moonrise and Moonset moments are corrected for Parallax and this correction gives better timings for the Eclipse sighting. Unless Lunar Eclipse is visible to the naked eye, it is of no significance to Hindus and Hindus don't consider it for any religious activities. Penumbral Lunar Eclipses are not visible to the naked eye hence no rituals related to Chandra Grahan should be observed. If Lunar Eclipse is visible during Umbral Phase then only it should be considered for religious activities. Most Hindu Calendars don't list Penumbral Eclipses.

    This partial solar eclipse is at 20.41 Cancer on July 12 at 10:47 pm ET

    If Chandra Grahan is not visible in your city but it is visible some city near to that then you should not observe it. Solar eclipse in January 6, — Partial eclipse over northeast Asia and north Pacific. July 2, — Total eclipse over South America and south Pacific.

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    December 26, — Annular eclipse over Asia and Australia. Then, there will be another annual eclipse and a total eclipse in June 21, — Annular eclipse over Africa, southeast Europe and Asia. The total eclipse will clock in at up to two minutes and 10 seconds in totality.

    Taurus Report for Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Cancer January 10, 2020 ~ Astrology